Sitting While Autistic/Sitting While Black

Debbie says:

I’m just dropping by quickly to “boost signal” (i.e., get the story out further) on this story.

collage of pictures of Neli from babyhood to now

Here’s how the newspaper tells it:

Reginald Latson, 18, faces one count of malicious wounding of a law enforcement officer, one count of assault and battery of a law enforcement officer and one count of knowingly disarming a police officer in performance of his official duties after he allegedly attacked a school resource officer in the back parking lot of North Stafford High School Friday morning.

Stafford County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Bill Kennedy says it all began at 8:38 a.m. with the report of an armed person in the parking lot of a library across from Park Ridge Elementary. The threat prompted a lockdown of six schools in Stafford County, including the high school, which is separated from the library and elementary school area by a wooded area.

Latson was located in the woods about 45 minutes later by a canine officer and his dog, Vader. Investigators never found a gun, and now say the initial caller never actually saw a weapon.

Latson is currently being held at the Rappahannock Regional Jail under no bond.

And here’s his mother, from the link at the top of this page:

My son Neli is an 18 yr old Autistic young man. Specifically he has Aspergers and Pervasive Developmental Disorder, Not Otherwise Specified. He attends a private day school through the county and sees a therapist weekly. He has no friends and pretty much just goes to school everyday, comes home and frequents the local library. He walks a lot because that is his outlet. The library is where he hangs out because there’s a teen room there where he can communicate with other young adults his age. He goes to the library quite often (at least a few times a week).

I am currently trying to obtain a good legal team for him. Preferably those that understand and are sympathetic to autistic children. I believe in my heart that the right person is out there and will turn out to help. This is not just about my son. Autism is an epidemic plaguing this nation and seemingly nothing is being done about it. What’s going to happen the half a million children growing up with autism when they reach adulthood? If average parents do not stand up and fight for their cause, they will have no future. I am taking a stance.

I’ve donated, and signed the petition to get greater news coverage, both of which are at the link to his mother’s blog.