mixed feelings

Marlene says:

In 1992, I remember watching Bill Clinton answer questions on MTV. He was asked what he thought of the prohibition of military service by gays. His answer was that he disagreed with it and that if elected, he would change it. I turned, and looked at my lover, and said “WE WANT WHAT??!!”

Well, Bill got his ass handed to him on that one, and many of our asses too. I’ve since come to take a slightly different view of the issue. I still find militarism repulsive, but I might be convinced that there are still reasons for concerted group use of force. More important, I feel that opening military service to all is the only way to expose a piece of our culture to the light of reality; to make the most homophobic members of America’s traditional military class understand the simple fact that it’s just not a big fucking deal.

This speech is more militaristic than I would like, but it is impassioned and true and fresh air to hear in one of our houses of government.

[the video shows Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-MD) giving a speech in Congress in favor of repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell]