Blogging Against Disablism

Debbie says:

It’s still May 1 where I am, and May 1 (aside from being International Workers’ Day, Beltane, and National Labyrinths Day) is Blogging Against Disablism Day.

I’ve just spent some time clicking around the terrific posts linked at Diary of a Goldfish, the center point of this effort. I count seventy posts in sixteen categories, which I think is awesome.

Why not read three (or more), but three is a good minimum? And comment here if you find ones you especially like.

I’ll start (I read way more than three), but I’ll choose three, arbitrarily.

Meloukhia at this ain’t livin, a blog I thought was dormant, has an excellent post on how to offer help.

Sophy muses on the relationship between visible and invisible disabilities, and where to find common ground.

And Midlife and Treachery (is that the best blog name ever?) has a satisfyingly angry rant, with some practical suggestions at the end.