Monthly Archives: February 2010

Black History Month: The Promise

Debbie says:

For the last day of Black History month, we bring you “The Promise,” an interactive presentation of contemporary and historical photos, interviews, and audio commentary. Contemporary photos by Platon, commentary by David Remnick.

Watch them all.

first African-American girl scout troop

The above image is from Like a Whisper’s daily posts for Black Herstory Month. This picture is of the first African-American girl scout troop, started in 1924 and cancelled two years later when its founder, Josephine Groves Holloway, was forced out of her job by her supervisor. Read about it here.

Like A Whisper’s Black Herstory Month coverage, including today’s extensive “link love” post, is essential reading.

New In-Camera Project Photos

Laurie says:

I have two new photos for my In-Camera Project.   These are the digital color images I’ve been working on.  After I shoot them, they are not modified or manipulated except for cropping, so all the work is “in camera”.  (Apologies to those who’ve heard the explanation already.)  The work is feeling very pure and direct, and I’m very happy with it.  I have a strong feeling that it’s leading somewhere really interesting.   All I know at this point is that on some levels its about light.


lemon bell5websize_0123


The photo is of a lemon tree branch with a Japanese bell.


quince blossom stem5websize_0133


This is a quince blossom branch.  If you look closely (at least on my monitor and in the print) you’ll see that the background isn’t truly black but designed. This photo was shot with flash.  It’s the first time I’ve ever used it.

There are earlier images from the project here and here and more to come.