New Project

Laurie says:

I have some new images to put up.  As I said in the first post about this, the idea is to make images completely in the camera except for cropping.  There is no other photo-shopping.  Since then it’s developed into my In Camera Project.  Not all of my experiments turn into projects, but when they do it’s fast and I’m always surprised.  When I finished Women of Japan I was wanting something something new and completely different (it’s an old carnival barker line) and this is certainly that.

It’s really fascinating me and making me think differently about my work, since it’s always been about darkroom work as an important part of the art.

I originally thought that this would be a web-only idea, but the  images print beautifully.  Like the web images, the prints will be small with about a 5″ image area. The size is an integral part of the concept.

This is reminding me of when I began Women En Large.  It felt very open ended but I immediately had the skills I needed to do it.  And this feels very much the same.  I’m surprised because I didn’t expect this to happen with my first color work.

These were taken at the Phelan building in San Francisco.  It shares a lot of its materials and design with San Francisco City Hall.  They’re both Beaux Arts buildings.  In the Phelan building, it’s mostly the interiors.

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I took this image both in focus and soft focus.  The soft focus worked because I wanted an Abstract Expressionist effect, and when it was sharp it didn’t work.  It has a Mark Rothko feel to me.

I’m looking forward to seeing the project develop.