Biker Party

Marlene says:

My friend D texted me asking if I was going to a big party being held by a local motorcycle club that I have had some connection to. I replied that I would be out of town on that day. A few days later, I sent her this email, which has been edited to protect the innocent and guilty alike. I like how this includes the complexities of real life.

Biker Party


I was just having a conversation with my friend A. She was asking me how I felt about the fact that they’re a bunch of overgrown middle school boys who have a club in which girls aren’t allowed.

I didn’t mention this when you asked, because I am out of town, and I do like some of those boys.

Everyone gives them a free pass on the no girls allowed thing. People who wouldn’t give them the time of day if they didn’t let blacks in the club don’t seem to notice the gender thing.

I’m not suggesting that you skip the party. The party should be a hell of a shindig. There are plenty of fun and wonderful people who will be there.

If they weren’t a boys only club, I would probably have been asked to join. I might even have accepted. I was very close to some of those guys for a long time.

The only thing that gets me to the clubhouse any more is a wake.

They don’t make me cooler. I make them cooler, and they don’t deserve me.

OK. I’ve said my piece.

If you go, just remember where you are.