Body Image in Brief

Laurie says:

I’m back from my trip and more or less recovered.

I’ve been meaning to put this up this Get Fuzzy for a while. It says more about body image politics in 3 panels then many, many articles I’ve read.

Get Fuzzy

I love it.

On another note Carrie Fisher has an impressive rant directed at the vicious comments about her looks..

You see, I was hot when most people are hot—- in my fucking 20’s & part of my 30’s……THEN, in an effort to imitate humans, I had a child &, to further maintain my life like disguise, I took medications for about 9 thousand years, &, despite all my efforts, I continued to get older & older——inadvertently, I assure you———-I tried to arrest my development physically as WELL as emotionally, but unfortunately without as much success. I also must confess that I ate food. I’m sorry….. I realize that I promised never to eat anything but lettuce & sun flower seeds, but tragically, I was unable to keep my promise.

And she concludes by telling her critics to: