Beautiful:Jamie Anderson

Laurie says:

Thanks to Geri for sending me Beautiful by the singer Jamie Anderson.  It really spoke to me.

Hey how ya doin’ she says, with a quick embrace
I step back and look into an almost familiar face
Laughing she says she lost almost fifty pounds
“I can wear most any clothes now I’m not so big around”
Her smile is hopeful but I can’t think of more than
I thought she was beautiful before
The surgery was worth it she said, then slowly frowned
“I was scared, there were complications but I’m five dress sizes down”
Gone are her lovely curves and the shine in her eyes
She wants me to be happy but I just want to cry
I thought she was beautiful before
You might think I’m bitter but I’m healthy, I feel great
I wish the same for her, it’s not about the weight
Oh my dear friend, I hope she’s really fine
I told her that she’s beautiful at any size
What she did was dangerous, was it worth the try?
Truth is I love her, I’m just glad that she’s alive
I think she is beautiful
She is so beautiful
We all are beautiful in my eyes

copyright 2003 Jamie Anderson

It’s available for download on Jamie’s website.