My Booby Lies Over the Ocean

Debbie says:

This story is too good not to share:

More than 130,000 inflatable breasts have been lost at sea en route to Australia.

Men’s magazine Ralph was planning to include the boobs as a free gift with its January issue.

The cargo is worth about $200,000, which is another blow for publisher ACP’s parent company PBL, which is already in $4.3 billion of debt.

A spokeswoman for Ralph said the container left docks in Beijing two weeks ago but turned up empty in Sydney this week.

Laurie and I both think that the image of 130,000 breasts floating aimlessly around the ocean (and 130,000 Australian men deprived of their chance to own an inflatable breast) is complete and utter giggle fodder.

And hey, if they wind up in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, at least it will be more interesting. (Though as a lifelong mystery reader, I want to know how the breasts got out of the container without hands to help them.)

Thanks to epi-lj for the giggle!