A Great Day

Laurie says:

I wanted to share this. Like a lot of people I was holding my breath about Obama’s victory until the very last moment.

Today I’m dancing in the streets. I know the difficulties and political realities, but today I’m dancing.

3 thoughts on “A Great Day

  1. I find it nearly impossible to feel totally joyful today, though, knowing props 102 and 8 (and others) have passed by majority votes.

    We take steps for ward and steps back, and I don’t quite know where that places us, but I worry.

  2. I don’t seem to be wired for ecstatic joy, but I spent the latter part of the evening of Nov. 4th crying a lot–the kind of healing tears that so many of us shared. Afterwards I was so wound up that I had to remove the cat who had parked himself on my chest and go and clean my bathtub! (If you could have seen my bathtub–and no one should–you’d understand.)

    There are still a lot of funky bathtubs (figuratively speaking) in my life and in our nation as a whole. But for those of us who remember what happened to anti-war protesters in 1968 in that very same Chicago park whre Obama gave his speech on Tuesday, and when you consider all the bloody struggles that it took to get to this point, Obama’s victory seems a nearly miraculous victory for the forces of good.

    But one thing I’m taking away from this victory is the way it was shared among so many people who worked so hard to accomplish it. I think that the seeds of future healing and building of democracy are contained in that passion, planning and hard work.

    What I really take heart from is the genuine involvement of young people in this election. I was also so impressed at the tremendous upwelling of determination to take part in the democratic process. People expecting that their attempts to vote might run into obstacles and cheerfully standing in line for as long as it took.

    Seriously that makes me start to cry again. I’ll be better soon. Gotta be, as KarenElhyam points out, there are lots more bathtubs to clean.

  3. I’ve not had chance to visit (body impolitic) recently, but spotted this post in passing and wanted to add my voice… Just to say that here in the UK I was overwhelmed by Obama’s success. From what I know of the way systems and societies work there will be an inintended/unexpected/unpredicted downside somewhere along the road in terms of equality (call me a cynic if you like) – but that doesn’t take away from the momentous nature of the event itself. Just don’t let’s relax and think the job’s done yet!

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