John McCain Can’t Use a Computer?

Debbie says:

Posting unexpectedly, because I like the embedded video so much:

Yes, it’s true. On everyone’s favorite channel, Karl Rove defended John McCain’s inability to use a computer, which Obama ads have been attacking. Rove says McCain doesn’t have enough nimbleness in his fingers to type, because of his injuries from his prisoner of war days.

Well, some people see this a little differently.

My friend Guy is the one using voice recognition, which I especially like because you know what? We all know McCain can talk. Guy is also the person who pointed this video out to me. I’d like to see it get really wide distribution.

10 thoughts on “John McCain Can’t Use a Computer?

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  2. LOL…Just how low will democrats go? If that is all you have then you are in trouble. I would rather put my trust in someone who can’t type than someone that can’t tell the truth!!!!!

  3. This was an awesome video until it turned into an Obama ad. :(

    (For the record, i support neither candidate, nor any aspect of the so-called-democratic US political sytem, if that isn’t obvious.)

    And the woman in the hat is highly attractive.

  4. Is there a captioned version of this ad out there? Or at least a transcript for the bits that aren’t already in text? As a deaf person — I only understood this because of your description at the start.


  5. Thanks for locating it! It can be frustrating to see an interesting video and then realize that I can’t participate fully because the captions aren’t there.

    Now that I’ve seen it with the subtitles–I like it! It works much better with.

  6. Andrea, thank you for pointing out my oversight! I think “frustrating” is a pretty mild word in your circumstances.

    I’m going to be making an effort to find captioned versions (or transcripts) of any videos we put up. If the captioned version hadn’t existed, I was just going to do a quick transcription for you myself.

  7. Thanks, Debbie!

    If you ever do end up doing transcripts for other videos in the future, then one helpful tip is to remember that true accessibility needs to go beyond a straight transcript of the words–it should include any important background noises, and information such as who is saying what (particularly if different people are saying different lines), whether a voice is a person’s own voice or the voice of a speech synthesizer or interpreter, etc. All of this can help provide information that help put the spoken words into clearer context and enhance understanding.

    Wonder if there is a version of this tape with audio description, for people with vision impairments? (I gather audio description is even harder to find than captions, especially on line.)

    Oh, and I put a link to the captioned version of the video at my blog: ReunifyGally
    (This isn’t my primary blog, just a blog I keep on the side for quick off-the-off comments.) Some people have left comments there debating whether Obama or McCain would be better for Americans with disabilities, or for the US in general.

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