Blog Love

Laurie and Debbie say:

Lindsay at Autist’s Corner very kindly gave us a blog award:

I [heart] your blog image

We got this charming little image to post, and we get to pass it along to seven of our favorite blogs (not an easy choice, folks!)

Here’s what we came up with.

Autism Vox is an excellent blog in a journalistic style, providing good clear information, interpretation and advice for anyone dealing with autism spectrum issues, especially in children.

Can I Sit With You? is a group blog and book publishing project, started by women whose children were having some social troubles in school. And didn’t we all? The project collects “memorable stories about surviving, succeeding, or sucking it up while dealing with the other kids at school.” The stories go onto the blog and are then pulled together into small affordable books, and the proceeds go to a special-needs PTA group. The project has attracted some extraordinary writing.

Meowser at Fat Fu doesn’t update as often as we might like, but when she does she really digs into the issues. One of the best (of the excellent) fatosphere blogs around.

Debbie’s favorite mommyblog is Gwendomama. There’s something about her writing, as she deals with two living children and the memory of one deceased child. The best personal blogs combine honesty and humor, and this is a really fine example.

How can you resist a blog called I, Asshole? SJ writes a brilliant, funny, engaging personal feminist blog, with lots about her life and her kids, and the occasional side trip into politics, recipes, and reviews.

Natalie Bennett describes her blog, Philobiblon, as being about “green politics, history (mostly women’s history), science, and art. Always feminist.” We’re both particularly fond of the historical posts, but everything she posts is good to read. She’s also the creator and tireless advocate of the Carnival of Feminists.

The bar at Rachel’s Tavern is serving more milk than beer these days, since Rachel had her adorable son. Nonetheless, she’s still serving up trenchant commentary on politics and race, along with incredibly cute baby pictures.

This post was fun to write!