People for the Ethical Treatment of People and Animals

Debbie says:

Honestly, I would love to stop critizicing People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). While I’m not a vegetarian, I believe in a great deal of what they profess, and I certainly believe in ethical treatment for animals. The last time Laurie and I blogged about them, in March of this year, we said they had outdone themselves. Sometimes I wonder if they take blog posts like ours as a challenge, because they have now
really crossed a new line.

The link above takes you to the “Learn Your ABC’s with PETA’s Striptease Quiz.” In this quiz, you get to meet “Amber,” a nubile young woman of indeterminate age, looking all faux-demure and provocative, in her plaid skirt, black tank over white blouse, and knee-high white stockings with little black bows. In one photo, she’s almost kissing an apple. In another, she clasps a stack of schoolbooks to her breast.

Hi, I’m Amber, and today, we’re going to be going over our ABCs. Here’s your first lesson: “ABC” stands for “animal birth control,” but it can also stand for “Amber’s bored with clothes” if you have the brainpower to answer these 10 quiz questions correctly.

There’s nothing that gets me hotter than an intelligent person who’s also compassionate, so let’s see if we can’t get me hot enough to remove a few pesky items of clothing—if you’re up to the challenge, that is …

No, I didn’t make this up. I lack the imagination to make something this repulsive up. Instead, to save you the trouble, I went all the way through the quiz. If you get an answer wrong, “she says,” “I have half a mind to start putting my clothes back on.” A right answer gets you a smirky little compliment, “Aren’t you the smartest?” or something like that, and a removed article of clothing. When you complete the quiz, she’s down to her panties and has her hands artfully placed so you don’t see her nipples.

Promoting spaying and neutering of pets instead of the horrible things we do to our unwanted or “extra” cats and dogs is a cause I can completely get behind. Using schoolgirl erotica? Sexualizing under-18s? Pandering to cliched hetero male fantasy? Not so much. Also, Amber and I have something in common: intelligence paired with compassion gets us hot. However, I also have compassion for–not Amber, because she’s certainly not real–but the real legion of girls behind the Amber image. PETA apparently hasn’t given them a second’s thought.

What’s next? Line up to watch Amber get spanked if you give the right answers? I wish I thought I was kidding.

Thanks to Lynn Kendall for the pointer.

8 thoughts on “People for the Ethical Treatment of People and Animals

  1. Don’t forget that peta is notorious for its fat hatred. Their “go veg” ads spread myths and lies about food and fat and lie to people by saying that a vegetarian diet would reduce a person’s body weight; something we all know is controlled by setpoint, not food.

  2. So I am reading this and I’m thinking how gross those PETA asses are, but let me tell you nothing prepared me for how horrible that piece of shit was in person. The repulsiveness of the “ohh, ahh” sound effects is beyond my capacity for description.

    Does PETA really, REALLY?, think this kind of thing is ok? If it’s not ok to kill animals for food, why in the world would be ok to exploit women like this for ANY purpose? PETA needs to learn that people (yes even women and fat people) ARE animals and therefore fall under their umbrella, or, alternatively, they can shut the fuck up and disappear. And I say this as a vegetarian committed to animal rights.

  3. Oh. My. Goodness. Do not even get me STARTED about People for the Evil Treatment of Anyone. People for the Extinction of Tame Animals. People, and I use the term loosely, who hate everything, and should damn well know better, but don’t.

    You DON’T agree with them. Trust me. PETA is against humans interacting with animals in any way. It’s not just their fanatical rage against meat, it’s also that they don’t want pets to exist, don’t think humans and animals should work together, are against service animals, against any animal ever being in contact with a person, ever. The animals they take in and say they’ll find loving homes for? They kill them. And our dear Ingrid Newkirk was quoted as saying the world would be better off if all humans were dead.

    They don’t love animals to the exclusion of people either, because they don’t love animals. They don’t love anything or anyone. They’re soulless, and what’s more, they work hard at it, believing that going for the most tasteless and horrible and offensive things is a great way to get publicity. Making people disgusted with them is their preferred method of attention-grabbing. Did you know that when a young man was killed brutally in Canada, they immediately used it as a platform for their agenda, equating his murder with people eating meat?

    I could go on and on. Being in 4-H for ten years, I had run-ins with these lovely people… we had guards in our barns because antifreeze would mysteriously be added to animals’ water buckets, because they’d rather die than not be free! A girl in my rabbit club was in tears after they finished telling her she was torturing her beloved pet, I think she was eleven years old at the time? They let all our sheep loose one year. Apparently, being terror-stricken and chased about and potentially hit by a car is the “natural” way for sheep to live.

    You could go look at to find out more about exactly how and why they’re pure wickedness, but honestly, you don’t need to. Look at their OWN website. It speaks volumes. Blatantly inflammatory Yellow Journalism of the worst kind, pure propaganda. No sources listed. No name for the author. No way to contact anyone and ask for sources, no address, no email, nothing. They write drivel they are afraid to stand behind. What’s more, the children’s site is even more disgusting propaganda, aimed at little kids… it’s inappropriate and sick. There’s an illustration of Ronald McDonald holding a bloody knife and a chicken. Shall we talk about the pamphlets they hand out to children whose fathers fish or mothers wear fur? Your Mommy/Daddy Kills Animals!

    Stop me now or I’ll talk about the money they provide to known domestic terrorist organizations.

    *takes a step back, breathes* Oh man, I got on the PETA thing again, didn’t I? Sorry, I’ll understand if mods have to delete this or something. But they’re bad, bad, bad excuses for people, and I wish more people knew, and would stop treating them like a legitimate organization even worthy of any consideration at all. They do NOT have animals’ best interests at heart. They’re NOT about animal welfare. They certainly don’t care about any cause other than theirs, because if every single one of us dropped dead tomorrow, they’d be thrilled.

    Conclusion? This is just one tiny drop in an overflowing bucket of PETA’s sins. Please don’t fall for their lies and imagine they want anything good for the world, the animals, or you and me.

  4. Yeah, PETA is a bunch of hypocritical nutjobs. They do not believe animals should be used for medical reasons yet one of their directors is diabetic and uses pig insulin to control her diabetes. Her excuse was that she needed it to stay alive and help other animals. I guess everyone else deserves to die though.

    There was also a news story last week about them using a pseudonym to post ads in magazines that had refused to accept ads from PETA. The ad wanted to congratulate new owners of ‘pure-bred puppies’ and offered a free ‘gift bag’. When you call-in they mail you a big black plastic garbage bag and tell you that it’s a body bag representing the dog in a shelter that was put down because you purchased a puppy from a pet store. As if it’s your fault that someone got bored of their dog and dropped them off in a shelter.

    If they behaved rationally and didn’t use such emotionally charged language when they tried to get their message across they could reach a lot more people.

  5. The feral cat list I’m on reports at least one incident of PETA members “adopting” tamed kittens and then promptly killing them and throwing the bodies in a dumpster. This is insanity that has no connection with some of their stated goals of ending animal suffering, which I could agree with if only they really worked toward them.

  6. Sarah, almost nobody uses pig insulin any more; virtually all insulin now for sale in the developed world is made by genetically engineered E. coli. This has been true for at least 10 years. I don’t even know off-hand how to go about finding pig insulin any more.

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