Exhibition in Tokyo

Laurie says:

May and June are being exciting months for my work.

In May, my portrait of Fukazawa Junko from Women of Japan was awarded “Most Feminist in the Art Show at Wiscon (the World Feminist Science Fiction convention). And Debbie, I and models Mari Kotani and Manami Tachibana gave a very well received panel on Women of Japan.

On June 17th an exhibition of my photographs opened in Tokyo. It’s at the Minato Women’s Center.

Photographs form Women En Large, Familiar Men and Women of Japan are included. It’s part of a Gender Equality Forum whose theme is Women’s Health and Body image. The exhibition runs from June 17-29, 2008. It is curated by Fukazawa Junko.

I am delighted about the exhibition but unfortunately, I was not able to go to Japan for it. I wish I could have been there.

Professor Rebecca Jennison from Kyoto Seika University will give a lecture about my work at the Center on June 21 at 6:30 pm. Kotani Mari will be speaking with her.

I just received these photos of the exhibition from Fukazawa Junko.

Minato Womens' Center

Minato Womens' Center

Minato Womens' Center