Laurie on Internet Radio: Tonight!

Debbie says:

Tonight at 8 pm (PDT), Laurie and Lisa Breisch will be interviewed on Deborrah Cooper‘s BlogTalkRadio show, “The Sucka Free Dating Talk Show.”

You can listen here.

The focus of the interview will be weight and body size, America’s obsession with weight and how people LOOK, and the cultural and racial differences in what is perceived to
be “fat”.

There will be opportunities to call in and ask questions. Don’t miss it!

4 thoughts on “Laurie on Internet Radio: Tonight!

  1. You should repost the link to the WBAI interview from 2002 as well – it’s in the library portion of your website.

  2. I just downloaded the replay of your interview today, and I must say you and Lisa were fantastic. I’ve been a fan “Women En Large” since it’s release, but I had never made the connection before to the “fear” of seeing large female nudes. We so desperately need positive images of fat bodies as beautiful, and I thank you for your efforts.

    I also want to mention that I love the way you and Lisa handled the caller who just felt that he had to play the “health” card. I thought that you both addressed the issue well and then moved on to more important things. Awesome interview, indeed!

  3. Curvy Angela,

    Thanks! I’m glald you like my work.

    I really enjoyed talking with Lisa Breisch on the radio. She speaks really well to issues of fat, size acceptance etc. I love that she runs “Club Round”.

    My experience is that the “health card” is most often the way that people will try to close any discussion of the other issues. I’ve had lots of practice addressing it and moving on.

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