New Exhibition in Japan

Laurie says:

My friend Rebecca Jennison who is one of the women who has been working with me closely on the project in Japan, was here for a visit. She came for the International Relations Conference here in San Francisco this week. I got to hang out with her for an evening and an afternoon. I went with her to hear a couple of papers at the conference that were part of feminist group of panels on security. It’s an interesting subject that I hadn’t thought about in that context. I may blog about it in the future.

Becky and I have been very good friends for a long time and it was great to spend time with her. Normally I talk to her in Japan 2 or 3 times a month and see her a couple of times a year here, and of course when I’m in Japan.

She’s thinking of using BlogHer’s “Letter to My Body” as the basis of a class. She teaches at Kyoto-Seika University, an arts college in Japan

Most importantly, she and I got to talk about an exhibition of my work in Tokyo that is being put together by Junko Fukazawa.

Fukazawa Junko

The exhibition will run from June 17 to June 29 and the events from June 20 to 22.

It’s at the Minato Gender Equality Center. June is Gender Equality month in Japan. There’s going to be an exhibition with work from all three of my projects, Women En Large, Familiar Men and Women of Japan. There will be three days of work shops and panels. The theme is “Women’s Body image and Health.” Rebecca Jennison will be the keynote speaker.

Junko has done years of work and writing on feminism and women’s art. She’s an ideal person to be doing this.

Deb and I will be writing an essay for the exhibition. I”ll post it on the blog as well.

There will be more news as it gets closer and I’ll keep you posted.

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