Laurie and Debbie say: We’ve done so much blogging about nasty products which purport to make people sexier that we were completely unable to resist this. Like Susie Bright, we don’t like to say things are “not safe for work.” One friend of ours works for an internet dating site, and the office watched this one as a group. But let’s just say that many public places would not appreciate either the visuals or the soundtrack, so use appropriate discretion. The only thing we have to say is, “They almost make you believe it, don’t they?” Clitter, sexuality, sex products, feminism, Susie Bright, Body Impolitic

3 thoughts on “Clitter!

  1. Okay, I have to admit I found this hilarious. I want a Glitter Baby!

    I wonder if it’s based on the Urban Legend about the visit to the gynecologist, y’know, the one where the mom doesn’t have time to shower first, so she just uses her daughter’s washcloth from the night before, from when the daughter went partying?

  2. I thought that urban legend was that she grabs a can of what she thinks is feminine deodorant spray and uses it. Turns out it was that spray glitter that people put in their hair at halloween and the like.

    The fauxmercial was hilarious though.

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