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Laurie and Debbie say:

We’re looking for someone who can help us redesign our blog page. The blog runs on WordPress, and the style sheets to match it to the rest of the site are (obviously) already written, but we want to change some of the look and feel.

This is not a paying gig, but we can offer both photographs and jewelry.

We’d like to get this done in the next two or three months. Leave a comment or send an email if you’re interested, or know someone who might be.

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2 thoughts on “Blog Design Help Wanted

  1. I’d be interested in talking to you. I don’t have any direct experience with WordPress but I do have with Blogger templates and I have over a decade of web design experience (used to work with Squid R.’s hubby at the Tech Museum years back, in fact), so I’m sure we could figure it out together. My resume and attached portfolio are at the upper right of my blog page:

    As one who has struggled with weight and self-esteem for almost 40 years, my issues probably need no introduction. More importantly, though, I have an 11 year old daughter who is just starting to deal with her body image and sexuality. My motivation toward this project is largely intellectual and civic, but much more to show her some of the “good stuff” that’s out there.

    Regardless of your interest in working with me, I love your stuff. Thanks so much for being around and doing what you do! :)

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