Keep Santa Fat

Debbie says:

Here’s a glorious response to the story Laurie wrote about last week. If you think Santa should be fat, sign the petition. For every signature, DVA Advertising and Public Relations will donate food to Second Harvest.

We’ve received petition signatures from all 50 states and beyond! We’ve had visitors from 40 countries! And we’ve only been live for three days! Thanks to everyone for their support. We’re well on our way to 50,000+ pounds of food for American’s Second Harvest. Keep spreading the word!

I just added my signature.

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3 thoughts on “Keep Santa Fat

  1. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!

    I love that they donate a pound of food for America’s Second Harvest.

    Maybe a few less returning vets will go hungry.

    That’s what I call Holiday Spirit.


  2. He stays skinny all year-round! Didn’t you see the Rudolph movie? Mrs. Claus has to feed him to plump him up! He will work it all off on Christmas Eve when he delivers all the presents. For crying out loud, give the man a break! Everyone wants a fat Santa! Shoot, he’s been around for how many hundreds of years? His diet can’t be too bad… I will leave the cookies out for him again this year just to make sure!

  3. This so-called “war on obesity” has definitely jumped the shark and gone in to the realm of total absurdity with the war on Santa Claus’ waistline. I added my name to the petition and think it is a great way to help fight hunger in America. I am really glad to see the positive response the site has gotten and hopefully it will continue to snowball.

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