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(Nearly) All the Evidence in One Place

Debbie says:

Okay, we’re supposed to be on vacation. But this is too good not to share with you all. Bookmark it; it will come in handy.

“Diets don’t work.”

18 blog entries with evidence, from 13 blogs.
Four mainstream news (or internet news) stories.
One book reference
Plus, the NAAFA site and the WebMD article.

All in one irrefutable place.

Lindsay is a goddess. (P.S., her site also has excellent fibromyalgia information, so I’m also sending the link to my manager at work.)

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Away for the Holidays

Debbie says:

Neither of us celebrate Christmas, but both of us are taking a holiday break. We’ll be back very shortly after the New Year. Meanwhile, we hope you don’t need our Guide to Sane Holidays, but if you do need it, please use it. Here are a couple of the tips from that guide.

2) Eat what you enjoy. Desserts are not sinful, they’re just desserts. If other people want to tell you what to eat or not to eat, that’s their problem.

5) If you must spend time with awful people, remind yourself three times (out loud) before you walk in the door that they are awful people. Then do something really nice for yourself the minute you can walk out the door.

See you in 2008!

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