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Internal Landscapes: Medical Images of the Body

Laurie says

I had an ultrasound procedure last week. When I have the rare opportunity to see my internal landscape, I always take advantage of it. Sometimes the procedures have been difficult for me, but I don’t care, I want to see the photos. I asked the tech to turn the screen around so I could see the images. Usually whoever is giving the procedure really enjoys my interest, and she was very helpful.

I saw marvelous black and white images of my abdomen, sometimes shot with color that indicated blood flow. I’ve also had the chance at other times to see my internal self in color images.

When I did a web search for medical screen images, it was really hard to choose just a few. The images below struck me as beautiful in composition as well as subject. Of course, I can see ways to crop them or change contrast, etc. – but that’s not the point.


I love the shape and the contrasts here, and the word “ovary” on the ultrasound image seems very texty and post modern


The strong shapes and the relationship of the muscles and the bones in this CAT scan have a powerful beauty


This cell photo has a subtle delicacy.

When I see these internal landscapes, I’m always reminded that this is a reality of my body. The skin and eyes and hair I see everyday cover an inner body that is far more complexly beautiful.

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Books Signed by Laurie

Laurie says

I’ve been getting emails asking me about books to be signed and personalized for Xmas gifts.

If you’d like a signed copy of Women En Large: Images of Fat Nudes or Familiar Men: A Book of Nudes, just order it on the website and send me an email at telling me your name, which book and (if needed) the name of the person you’d like it signed to.

Women En Large

And for those folks who asked about Women of Japan – it’s not a book as yet.

I really appreciate the good things people write me about the books. Thank you.

Familiar Men

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