Too Ugly for the New York Times?

Laurie says:

I’m leaving for a show tomorrow and Debbie’s coming back from Europe the day after. Hopefully she had a marvelous time.

So, now she will be blogging alone for a bit.

Stef ( sent this article to me. I read it and became indignant in really complex ways. If I wasn’t leaving I’d seriously blog about it – check it out!

William Murphy, a retired policeman, was being interviewed by the New York times for his anti immigration bill views.

“I am the ugliest man on earth,” she (the reporter”) said he told her. “One of my teeth is missing.” Preston sent the photographer anyway. “We don’t have a beauty standard at The New York Times, and here was this man who expressed himself very eloquently,” she said.

The Times did use his photo in the article, although less prominently than others.

And then apparently all hell broke out in the blogosphere.

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