Tee Corinne Exhibit in San Francisco

Laurie says

Debbie is in Europe for two weeks travelling and visiting her brother in Sweden, so I’ll be blogging by myself for a while.

I’m getting ready for a summer of travel, including (July 26 -28), the first exhibition of my completed Women of Japan project at Nippon 2007 (The World Science Fiction Convention) in Yokohama over the Labor Day weekend.

I’ll be blogging a lot more about this later.

Right now I’m working really hard on the digital prints for Japan. Reinterpreting for a different medium has been really challenging.

Tee’s opening was shortly after I returned from the World Feminist Science Fiction Convention, where this photo was awarded “Most Feminist.” It was great to win it two years in a row.

Kumamoto Family

When I went to the opening of the first solo show of Tee’s “Scars, Stoma, Ostomy Bag, Portacath” project I was still really exhausted.

Laurie and portrait of Tee

It is at the gallery at the SomARTS Cultural Center thru June 28th. Aspen Mays, the curator, did a beautiful job of both the display of the photos and Tee’s “Self Portraits of Lesbian Photographers” project.

If you’ve only seen the work on the web and you’re local to San Francisco, try to see the exhibition. The detail and quality of her work are remarkable. And Ctein, her designated printer, did a superb job of matching her original portfolio. It was really exciting to see the work on the walls.

Tee Corinne Exhibit at SOMART

And please let people know about the show.

Tee Corinne
Picturing Cancer in Our Lives
Gallery at the SomARTS Cultural Center
934 Brannan Street
San Francisco, CA 94103
Opening Sunday, June 3rd at 3pm
Closing on Thursday 6/28
Curator -Aspen Mays
“Scars ” project aesthetic curator-Laurie Toby Edison

Tee Corinne, art, cancer art, lesbian art, feminism, photography, Body Impolitic