Exhibition Up and and Carnival Out

Laurie says

I hung the photos for the Silver/Silicon exhibition yesterday. It’s the first time in years I’ve worked alone. I was being relaxed because it was 18 photographs and not a larger solo show.Then I was standing on top of a ladder hanging the large nudes and realizing I had no one to hold photos up for me so I could see how they looked.

Usually, I work with Deb who has fabulous aesthetics, but she’s in Wisconsin right now.

My installation style is complex and different for every space. “Back to the Picture” gave me three tall white panels. I needed to hang each one so that they worked in their individual aesthetic for the relationships of the photos, and then all three panels had to also work as a whole. I used a different panel for each of the bodies of work – Women of Japan, Women En Large, and Familiar Men. It’s balance within asymmetry. This is the first time I’ve hung digital and darkroom work together, and different interpretations of the images work really well together.

Apparently, I can hang alone just fine. I’m really happy with the way the exhibit looks. The show opens tomorrow between 7 and 9pm at 934 Valencia Street @ 20th St, San Francisco.

I’ll be on the radio for a live show Saturday afternoon with Elena Anaya and Trish Tunney at the gallery. The show is called Hecho en California (made in California) on radio 1010. Marcos Gutierrez will be broadcasting “live” between 3:00 and 4:00 pm on Saturday.

And the Feminist Carnival is out on A Somewhat Old But Capacious HandBag. Not suprisingly, I’ve barely had chance to look at it yet. Our Heroically Blonde post is in the Carnival. I loved the Blog of The Moderate Left‘s take on a blogger being outraged at toddlers and adults dancing. It reminded me of how my older daughter was raised around lots of adult dancing. She grew up to be choregrapher.

I know there’s lots of other good stuff. Check it out!

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