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Debbie says:

I’ve been putting off a links post for a while now, and the interesting pointers are adding up. Because I can’t resist her picture (and what she has to say is even better), I’m starting with the Funky Ghetto Hijabi on having this picture of her on the cover of the local Style section.

funky hijabi photograph
I’m having technical difficulties posting YouTube videos, so for now at least I’m just going to give you links to two of them, both of which pretty much require that you have your computer sound turned on.

This uncommonly transparent exploration of autistic language and the difference between internal processing and external communication will stay with me for a long time. The name comes from a famous quotation by Helen Keller (the blind/deaf activist), which only deepens the significance of the video.

On a completely different note, this YouTube video examines skin color prejudice very directly. The director and the interviewees speak for themselves.

The third (non YouTube) video is a CBS news video showcasing fashion models in wheelchairs. You’re supposed to find it inspiring, and I did. I also found it disturbing. Spinal cord injuries are a very particular kind of disability; accepting a wider range of disabled models would make it much harder to get the particular kind of “everything about us is conventionally sexy and fashionable even though we’re in wheelchairs” flavor you get here. One thing they would never mention is that since most spinal cord injuries occur in teenage or adult years, and many are accidents where someone can be sued or insurance applies, some people with spinal cord injuries are more affluent than someone who is disabled from birth, or from illness rather than injury. Again, despite my reservations, all kudos to the models here, who are doing good work.

Finally, I did a lot worse than I thought I would at this “real or fake” test of pictures of breasts. (Not safe for work.) See how you do. The interesting part, of course (aside from all the beautiful pictures of breasts) is how important a) breasts, and b) perky uplifted breasts are. No surprise, I generally find the real ones more attractive than the “fakes.” (Laurie and I should write about breast implants in more detail someday.)

I’ve done a bad job of remembering where I found all of these. The autism video is from Dawn, the breast test is from Patti. The others are either from several sources, or from sources I can’t quite pin down. Thanks to all.

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4 thoughts on “Oh, the Links!

  1. thanks for the tips, especially the autism one. It’s a difficult topic for some people to grasp, but equally fascinating.
    Best wishes
    p.s. I notice your ‘spam’ thing at the bottom but I’ve not been able to block them myself. What is your secret? [if you could explain it in non techy language for us newbies!]

  2. I find it a form of culturally sanctioned rape. Yikes, Patti! I’m joining you in the Profoundly Disturbed Corner. Wait, that didn’t sound right–LOL! Perhaps I was profoundly disturbed even before visiting that site.

    This is culturally sanctioned genital mutilation. The fact that the site “invites” women to dislike our own vaginas just in case we don’t look like porn stars is…well, I’m now moving out of the Profoundly Disturbed Corner over to the Deeply Enraged Area.

    To misquote Dwight D. Eisenhower–beware of the medical, industrial complex!

  3. I’ve been reading the blog of that autistic woman for a while, at http://ballastexistenz.autistics.org/. But I admit that I don’t understand so much about her, like how she can write so much and so eloquently and not speak. I especially don’t understand the point of that video. I mean, I understand her words in the second half, and the points she’s trying to make. But is she saying that the sounds and gestures in the first half literally translate to the captions in the second half? How can that be?

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