Winter Carnival

Debbie says:

The newest Carnival of Feminists is up at The Imponderabilia of Actual Life (and is that a great blog title or what?).

I love how we started people out on illustrating the carnivals, and the people who have followed it have done it so differently than we did, and so well! This one is really beautiful. I’m delighted that Sandy included our Insults, Profanity, and Metaphor post, and even more pleased to find some new bloggers and new topics. Just to name two: Tara at Aetiology has great things to say about science fiction readers and sexy women (two related topics close to my heart), and Threading Water has a heart-rending post about fetal pain versus children’s lives.

Another don’t-miss carnival. (How can they all be so good? Great feminist writers, that’s how.)

Carnival of Feminists, Body Impolitic