Carrying Extra Weight

Laurie and Debbie say:

We are deeply upset to learn that women are suffering significant back, neck, and shoulder pain, and even long-term physical damage … from carrying fashionably heavy bags and purses.

“In the last year or so, I’ve been seeing the same kinds of issues with adult women that I’m used to seeing with kids who carry heavy backpacks on one shoulder,” said Karen Erickson, a chiropractor who has a private practice on the Upper West Side, and also serves as a spokeswoman for the American Chiropractic Association. “They’re experiencing neck pain — not just while they’re carrying their purses, but all the time. A lot of women even get bad headaches.”

Prisoners of fashion have a hard time. “Sasha Charnin Morrison, 42, the fashion director at US Weekly, admitted that her bags are so large that she often gets stuck in revolving doors. “They may not be practical, but so what?” she said. “When it comes to fashion, being practical is a huge bore.””

This makes about as much sense to us as the resurgence of short-short miniskirts in winter climates … In these days of the Brazilian wax, leggings just won’t keep out the cold.

We do have to wonder why doctors and health professionals are generally so patient with women who carry 50 extra pounds on their shoulders, do damage to their musculature, and get stuck in revolving doors while being so nasty to women who distribute 50 “extra” pounds over their body and thus strengthen their muscles and bones (apparently, it’s okay to make jokes about people getting stuck in revolving doors if they’re fat, but not if they’re fashionable). Could it be because the first group has money and isn’t afraid to parade that fact? Of course not.

And, finally, kudos to the fashion industry. Having lost at least some ground in the battle over high heels and women’s feet, they’ve managed to take something as practical as a woman’s purse and made it such a crucial status item that it can become a brand-new instrument of torture.

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