“small variations”: Dance in San Francisco

Laurie says:

My daughter Cid Pearlman’s new modern dance work “small variations” will be at CounterPULSE in San Francisco, this weekend, November 17-19 at 8pm. Tickets are $15 ($10 for students and CounterPulse members). The theater is located at 1310 Mission Street, for reservations call 415 435-7552.

“small variations” is the first completed work Cid has shown in San Francisco in many years. I saw the premiere in LA 10 days ago and it was both beautiful and remarkable. It deals with “intimacy, ambiguity, and the meaning of missing.” Her work with the dancers is about them as individuals not as choreographic “tools.” This is really radical in the modern dance world!

The piece features a fabulous group of dancers that she’s been working with in Los Angeles and an amazing score by composer Joan Jeanrenaud, formerly of Kronos Quartet. She’s sharing the evening with two other terrific choreographers — Nina Haft (who is local to the Bay Area) and Liam Clancy.

Cid’s work has been described by the LA Weekly as having a “brash wit and post punk aesthetics” and by the New York Times as having “cool intensity.”

If you come, look for me. .. I’ll be there all three nights.

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