Come Hear Us on BlogTalkRadio

Laurie and Debbie say:

Just six days from now, at 6:00 p.m. U.S. West Coast time, we will be doing our first internet radio show, featuring live call-ins by … you! You can get all the details by clicking the spiffy BlogTalkRadio button in the upper right column, or by going here. They’ll even send you email reminders if you like. The interface requires Windows Media Player.

We met the fabulous Jaime Mintun from BlogTalkRadio at BlogHer, and we’re very excited by her, her site, and what they have to offer. Our plan is to start out with an introductory half-hour show on all forms and varieties of body image issues. We hope to turn it into a regular feature.

This is a great chance for regular commenters (and occasional commenters, and lurkers) who don’t know us to come say “hi.” Meanwhile, if there’s anything special you’d like us to bring up, either from posts we’ve made or posts you think we should make, comment on this post and tell us, so we can plan the show with you in mind.

Mark your calendars!

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