New Big Fat Carnival

Debbie says:

Soopermouse at I Hate People hosts the most recent Big Fat Carnival, which just went up yesterday.

She linked to four (!) of our posts: guest blogger Jen’s Amazing Body; Lynne Murray’s Imaginary Solutions for Imaginary Fat Girls; and our own Immoral, and Soon to Be Illegal (and, of Course Fattening), and Thin, Thinner, Impossible.

Anyone with a chronic disease which requires nutrition management (and everyone else) will benefit from Yawning Lion’s My Body Is No Threat to My Health.

Molly Saves the Day is there with an excellent article on the emotional differences between being fat and becoming fat.

And it’s always a treat to see our friend and constant link provider Stef, checking in with her excellent letter to the Denver Post. (Our link is to the published version.)

Thanks, Soopermouse, for the hard work!

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