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Laurie and Debbie say:

Whatever you can say about the links we come across, they certainly cover a wide range.

Vito Excalibur has created a marvelously detailed and snarky parody of conventional comics drawing of gendered characters. To really appreciate this, you have to look at her parody and the original side by side, and you have to read the texts for both pieces. Just to give you an example.

Dave Gibbons’ original: “With women, I go for the classic hourglass shape, whereas the men look more heroic with a “V” shape to their torsos. With women, I tend to make the lines softer. I don’t put a lot of definition on them. The simpler, the better. For the women, hard and cut. I try to see as much musculature as I can.”

Vito’s parody: “With men, I go for the classic “V” shape, whereas the women look more heroic with an hourglass shape to their torsos. With men, I try to make the lines harder. I don’t put a lot of clarity on them. The rougher, the better. For the women, smooth and sharp. I try to see as much musculature as I can.”

The drawings make the same point, perhaps even better.


Bibliofile led us to this superb flow chart, “Should I Use Blackface on My Blog?”. We recommend not so much having patience with this huge file as enjoying it as a video game. Just follow the path around your screen. And stop and smell the flowers read each bit; they’re too good to pass up.


We honestly can’t remember how we came by this *ahem* unique body image product, but thanks to whoever linked to it. Potassium alum to tighten the vaginal wall. No further comment.

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1 thought on “Links at Nonrandom

  1. Of course, I will comment on the ex-rated bachelorette party site (I mean x-rated, ex-rated is what will happen if you take along the 3-foot tall, inflatable Willie the Wonder Wiener on your honeymoon–but who could resist the smile?). I poked around (pun optional) there and I think it was 99.9% penis-oriented with the exception of the “virgin drops” noted and the “sticky titty” notes…which sound icky–yikes hand me a washcloth. But possibly they could be useful (possibly not). You could use them to post “meet me in the bedroom” notes.

    I’ve never been to a bachelorette party, I imagine hysterical laughter at the inflatable escorts, etc. Good Vibrations it ain’t. But I am trying to imagine how much use most of these ladies will get out of the penis-shaped cake pans. I mean just how often do you need to bake….never mind, don’t answer that, I’d rather not know.

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