Hurray! Bilingual Website!

Laurie and Debbie say:

We’re delighted that this website went much more bilingual in early October, when we put up essays by many of the Women of Japan models, as well as supporters of the project, in both English and Japanese. Their words are powerful and wonderful.

Women of Japan is of necessity a bilingual project, and we’ve wanted the website to reflect that for a long time. Please let us know what you like about the bilingual site, and what (if anything) doesn’t work for you.

In other good news:

Photographs and an article on Women of Japan will be featured this fall in the October gender issue of the Kyoto Journal: Perspectives from Asia. The Kyoto Journal is a remarkable award-winning English-language magazine. It’s available in the US, Japan, Canada, Europe, Australia, Hong Kong, and Korea. The layout is beautiful, and we’re really looking forward to seeing the whole issue.

Laurie and Ctein’s collaboration “Nuclear Reactor” won the Judges’ Prize in the art show at the Science Fiction World Convention in Los Angeles in August.

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