Redemption Carnival

Debbie says:

The estimable Chameleon at Redemption Blues hosts Carnival of Feminists 22 and she starts with fat issues, and moves on to appearance in general. She then addresses feminism and faith, including a particularly valuable quotation from Hugo Schwyzer:

“In a way, evangelical Christians and feminists are both largely defined – at least in the public imagination – by their enemies. It’s very easy to caricature either group. The secular left tends to see all evangelical Christians as intolerant, homophobic, jingoistic Republicans; many on the right tend to see active feminists as shrill, angry, humourless, godless liberals. The public pronouncements of leading figures in both movements are regularly quoted out of context in order to reinforce an image of extremism. And of course, both ‘feminists’ and the ‘religious right’ are regularly invoked as dangerous spectres in fund-raising by both conservatives and progressives”

Lots and lots of other good stuff as well, both on faith and in her “rainbow” of unthemed feminist posts. Check it out.

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