Feminists Go to the Carnival

Debbie says:

The 23rd Carnival of Feminists is up at Lingual Tremors, where Lingual X has focused on women’s health as a theme.

We’re proud to be there, with our entry into what’s not interesting about Jessica Valenti’s breasts. On the same topic, she also links to Bitch Ph.D.’s take, which I was hoping to find an excuse to link to: “Women have tits. Standing up straight is good for your back.”

Lingual made a remarkable choice by opening with personal stories of illness, an area so easily dismissed as “anecdotal” and hence trivial. And that these personal stories start, with our friend Blue at The Gimp Parade making precisely that point.

Lingual X goes on through “Health Care in a Handmaiden World,” activism (where she makes the point currently dear to my heart about continuing to educate about feminism … and everything else), a round-up of general great posts, and then a section on women as body parts. Don’t miss it.

A couple of highlights: I had missed The G Bitch Spot up until this point, but her glorious rant about public housing in New Orleans (where she lives) tells me that she’s worth reading more.

And I never heard of Mu Sochua, and I’m glad I have.

Read the whole thing; you’ll be glad you did.

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