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Debbie says:

Yesterday was BlogDay, and the indefatigable Badgerbag hosted a small “SanFranSocial” gathering where we sat around with laptops and commented on the interesting sites we were finding (and made fun of some of the less interesting ones as well).

Here’s what I found and how I found them:

My only foreign language competence is decades-old classroom French, but I thought I’d see what I could do with that. I found two blogs I wanted to share:

I couldn’t tell too much about this blog, but this particular entry, because it’s formal poetry, was easy for me to read, and a lot of fun. You can run it through Google’s translator if you don’t have enough French, but I will tell you that the next to the last line, after all of this recounting of how falling in love on a train might go, is “next time maybe you will take the bus.” I love it!

More in the Body Impolitic line is this entry from Belgium. Even after the Google translation (“Chair Which Rolls Does Not Pile Up Foam”), I confess that I’m not 100% sure whether this is about the writer’s wheelchair or her friend Rico’s wheelchair, but I can follow most of the rest of it, with delight.

Returning to English, I went searching for blogs in South Africa, that being an English-speaking country with which I am hugely out of touch. I found this excellent blog, which taught me a lot just in one reading. It also has one of the funniest “about” pages I’ve ever seen.

I then wandered through African blogs and wound up somehow on an Arab aggregating blog, which led me to this. I do have a queer Arab friendly acquaintance, but I don’t read much outside of what my friend writes, so this one felt interesting and important to me.

From the Queer Arab blogroll, I got myself into some American Christian blogs; as they were (not surprising, considering the link source) progressive Christian blogs, they didn’t count to me as unfamiliar. Following links from them, however, took me to someone else’s BlogDay post. I didn’t want to rest on her laurels, so I followed links from her choices until I got to Two, a delightfully written blog from Nigeria.

And then I started to write the post, so it would go up on BlogDay, but I was sidetracked by Badgerbag’s son, who wanted to play … so you get this post one day late.

I hope you enjoy the links as much as I enjoyed finding them.

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3 thoughts on “BlogDay 2006

  1. First of all, much thanks Debbie for giving Pernawac an international audience :)

    Regarding Pernawac,our little wild and crazy blog, for the persistence or your mental
    health and to help you avoiding splitting headaches each time you’ll try to understand our mental
    agitation ,
    i think I owe you some explanations and , in consequence, have to firm up little details …

    “Chaise qui roule n’amasse pas mousse ” is a travesty of a french proverb : “Pierre qui
    roule n’amasse pas mousse” (the most acceptable translation of this could be :

    A rolling stone gathers no moss).

    We (and i, particularly) often use the word “Belge” as in “espèce de Belge ! ” or “T’es belge ou quoi ?”
    But we are really not living in Belgium ! Rico and I are French and these idioms are typical examples of Pernawac
    shortcuts to say that Rico is a mentally retarded weirdo geek :) This is in relation with the fact that French people used, for ages,
    to laugh off about their european neighbors.

    As to the wheelchair, it was a private joke in connection with the furniture Rico was looking forward to get and,
    of course, in connection with his mental state :)
    The real Rico’s chair can be partly seen in his post of Monday, 28 th of August (Margherite).

    And , at last, did i tell you that Rico is a really ill mannered weirdo geek , especially with women ? :) Poor me ! If you want to help me, you can :
    – Raise some funds for my newly created association “Save Shadowgirl from her belgitude friendship ”
    – Send him love insults at : :)


  2. Thanks, Debbie, for having talked of our blog in yours.
    Shadowgirl and I are surprised to see that you have found our “mister-bean-like” blog.
    congratulation for having try to read our posts. Our use of the French language is most of the time full of inside jokes that only french mother tongue people can understand (and even some of them have some difficulties to understant it !)
    Irony is the ink of our texts. We use to play with words, sentances and situation, and are found of kidding each other.
    Be welcome on Pernawac, come back whenever you want.

  3. Thanks for the link-love Debbie! Really enjoyed looking through your galleries (esp. the collaborative effort).

    The About page…haha well let’s just say our Prez. got a bit too fixated on stringing those 3 words together…Gotta seize those opportunities for greatness ;)

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