Link Time!

Debbie says:

Laurie is away from the blog for two weeks, and my first task is to catch up on a handful of neat things we’ve discovered in the past few weeks that speak for themselves. So feast your eyes and fingertips:

Not relevant to anything, but interesting to me, is this story of two Lesbian stepsisters doing anti-Nazi art together during World War II. (Thanks to Arthur D. Hlavaty for this one.)

Fat “science” is in the news again. First, someone else has figured out what the size acceptance movement has always known about BMI, i.e., that it isn’t a real measure of anything. (Brought to us by “Body Impolitic stringer”
Steven S..)

Second, Paul Campos (author of the indispensable The Obesity Myth), takes the latest New England Journal of Medicine study to task for conduct we might expect from the Bush administration. (This one is from Stef.)

Finally, in the “women’s body parts as fine art” department, we have these, which are not quite safe for work, but very beautiful. I might just buy one if I had that kind of money to spare.

The rest of the stored-up links deserve posts of their own, and will start showing up in the next day or two. Stick around: lots of good stuff is on the way.

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