In Memoriam: Tee Corinne

Debbie says:

Readers of this weblog know that Tee Corinne was a close personal friend of Laurie’s and a much-admired acquaintance of mine.

She died Sunday, August 27, 2006. Details are here.

Very few women of our times, or any times, have done more for women’s appreciation of our bodies than Tee. Others are writing beautifully about all the different ways she supported Lesbians, Lesbian art, and various forms of feminism. I appreciate all of this; to me, however, especially in the context of Body Impolitic, she will always remain one of the key heroes who freed women of my generation to have cunts, to look at our own cunts, and to love our cunts.

Thank you, Tee. Your work lives on in my cunt.

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