On the Carnival Midway …

Debbie says:

When we started doing this, reading the biweekly carnival of feminists felt like visiting a neighboring country: the language was the same, and the customs were familiar, but I recognized very few of the people, and I often didn’t know what the road signs were referring to.

Now it’s beginning to feel like home turf, like I can second-guess some of the posts that the host will pick. I didn’t envy Clare the two weeks she got at more or less random, because who wants to be responsible for reducing The Great Blow Job Explosion (which Laurie and I decided we just didn’t have much to say about) to one or two posts, or for deciding where it goes in a carnival’s organizational hierarchy. But she did a great job, dividing her carnival into seven categories. She starts with women and religion, including a very satisfyingly angry post from Maryam Namazie on a topic we blogged many moons ago: Muslim Barbie. Unsurprisingly, Namazie’s post is much more personal than ours was.

The BJ conversation gets a paragraph, about what it deserves in my view. Then, just after Clare showcases Rachel, along with Laurie and me, in the ongoing conversation about elder women and feminism, who turns up but my good friend and blogging mentor Liz Henry, making her own sort of digressively magnificent sense, as so often, this time about an event I was at, so it’s very layered to read.

Finally, each carnival lands me with a new must-read blog, and this time I think it will be Belle Lettre, whose essay on a controversy in the world of law professors deserves its own Body Impolitic entry, and may yet get it.


And if that weren’t enough, a subject dear to my heart, although not in the purview of this blog, now has its own First Ever Carnival of Feminist Science Fiction and Fantasy Fans, covering everything from comics to Star Trek to books and more. If this is up your alley, this carnival is terrific and I’m sure there’s more good stuff to come.

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