Two Carnivals at Once!

Debbie says:

Both the XVI Carnival of Feminists and the third Carnival of Fatty Goodness went up this week. I hope your blog reading list is short, because I’m about to make it longer.

“the nut” at Welcome to the Nut House won my heart by starting her feminist carnival with disability and feminism. She goes on to focus on a variety of issues, including comics, the role of men in feminism, and some excellent posts on the straw feminism issue as it relates to Islam. She was also kind enough to showcase two of our posts. It’s very comforting to me that these every-two-week carnivals have so much good stuff in them; feminism is thriving and literally all over the map.

Our own favorite VeganKid hosted the third Fatty Carnival (and we’re hosting the fourth one in two months, so watch this space!). She points out a wide variety of posts all over the map, including three of ours, two by guest-blogger Lynne Murray who did such a great job of covering for Laurie and me through all of our travels in May. VeganKid’s sharp mind and distinctive voice make her a great carnival host. Check this one out too.

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