Visit to Tee

I went to visit Tee Corinne in Oregon again a few days ago. She is doing amazingly well in her day-to-day life. She is truly using her time with great joy and purpose. Her long term prognosis is unchanged, her life is limited to very short month/s.

Last time I visited there were snow storms in the high mountain passes. Mt. Shasta was covered in snow, looking very much like prints of Mt. Fuji in winter. This time her home in Southern Oregon was in high spring , everything bursting into bloom. The lilacs were amazing.

I helped Tee put together a group of original photographs, and the books and magazines and album cover they were published in. They will be exhibited in “WACK! Art and the Feminist Revolution” at The Museum of Contemporary Art in LA in 2007.

I photographed her on this visit in a grey and white dress looking very elegant and Virginia Woolfish. Being photographed (at least by me) is really hard work but she wanted to spend her energy on it.

On my previous visit I did a series of nudes of her, the negatives look good and I’ll be printing them as soon as my (suddenly busy) life has time.

Tee’s last project is a series of prints of nudes of her former lover Beverly Ann Brown. They were together from 1989 to 2005. The series is called “Scars, Stoma, Ostomy Bag, Porthacath: Picturing Cancer in Our Lives”, “. Beverly died not long after the photographs were taken.

The work is remarkable. The prints have a complexity of color that the web images only indicate. This is the work that Tee has been finishing in these last few months. As she says, “It is a passionate work, a final act of love.”

I’m the aesthetic curator for this project. The images are photoshopped in ways that make it very important that there is aesthetic control of all future prints.

And it means I keep being involved with Tee and her art for a very long time.
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