Tee Party

Laurie says:

This is the announcement for the benefit for Tee Corinne. I’ll be there. Please put the word out every way you can. Tee is thrilled this is happening and I’d like it to be very special for her.

Tee Party! A benefit for Tee Corinne
Pioneering lesbian erotic photographer Tee Corinne, whose work in the 1970s broke ground for the lesbian erotic revolution, is dying of cancer. The Center for Sex & Culture in San Francisco is producing a benefit for her.

It includes an exhibition of Tee’s photographs. Buy your own piece of Tee’s art!

Also featuring:
An altar table w/ Cunt Coloring Book pictures for people to color.
A slideshow of Tee’s work from the 70’s to now.
Testimonial time re: Tee and her influence. Come speak out about Tee and her work! This will be videotaped by Carol Leigh; the resulting document will live here at CSC and copies will be sent to Tee, the LGBT Historical Society, the Kinsey Institute, and the Lesbian Herstory Archives.
On Saturday, May 20, 7 pm at the Epicenter Gallery at the Center for Sex & Culture: 398 11th St. in SF. $10-100 sliding scale.
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