Nostalgia Postcards

Laurie says:

In thinking about the fine art naked lady postcards, I realized that they were one of the few places in the mainstream that you saw both beautiful fat nudes and simply nudes of more real bodies.

Pictures like this Titian nude or this Victorian nude or this Victorian nude

They used to be post cards – sigh.

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One thought on “Nostalgia Postcards

  1. Those are lovely pictures, Laurie. I have that book, “Zaftig, the Case For Curves”, & I love taking it out & looking at the gorgeous paintings of Rubens & Renoir in particular, because some of those nudes look a lot like I do & it gives me a lift & a positive boost for my body image. Given the insanity about bodies & fat & the media image of “beauty”, we could all stand to see a lot more images such as these on a regular basis.

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