Morgaine hosted the excellent May 3 edition of the Carnival of Feminists on Women’s Autonomy and Sexual Sovereignty Movements.

We always appreciate it when carnival bloggers start outside the Western mainstream, and Morgaine starts in Africa where, as she puts it, “things are as grim as they have ever been for women.” She goes on with a wide variety of links on all kinds of feminist topics: check it out.

Two weeks later (we’ve gotten behind), Holly posted a very lengthy Carnival of Feminists. (starting with the much-underrepresented subject of fun!) at Self Portrait As… This is one of the most thorough and thoughtful carnivals we’ve seen, covering a gamut from Fun is a Feminist Issue through foot-binding in Asian communities and murder in American ones, and wrapping up with women in comics.

The carnivals do such a fantastic job of covering the web for us all, and reminding us of just how much good writing, good thinking, and good information is out there!

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