Where Have All The Naked Ladies Gone?

My friend Tee Corinne the photographer is very ill. I have been going up to Oregon to see her but she also really likes mail.

So I decided to send her naked lady postcards. After all she is a premiere photographer of nudes of women. She was delighted with the idea. I assumed that this would be really easy, lots of post cards of naked ladies and lots of choices. I was quite looking forward to picking ones she would especially like. Wrong!

My first stop was Good Vibrations – a sex positive co-op in the Mission district in San Francisco. Lots of sex toys, lots of books, but they don’t carry postcards any more. So I went to a Latin crafts shop nearby and in a very large selection of post cards found exactly one bare bosomed mermaid. (A really excellent mermaid.) I mailed her to Tee.

Then I went to the Asian Art Museum. Museum gift shops have always been excellent places for fine art naked lady post cards. The only NL was a photograph of a stylized Indonesian goddess.
Technically a nude but hardly “naked”.

So I went to the De Young fine art museum. It’s a beautiful new building in Golden Gate Park.
Many post cards. I thought I’d find at least a Manet “Olympia”. But no – again, exactly one NL postcard. She was an Americana mural nude but at least she was naked.

Then I was in LA and picked up a Modigliani nude in a video store (again the only NL). Tee really loved this one. She has it on a shelf in her bedroom.

Finally, I made a special trip to the Museum of Modern Art and found no NLs at all. The closest post card was a Chagall painting that included a women with bare breasts.

I’ve also gone to lots of art and card stores. Nothing!

So my question is – where have all the naked ladies gone?
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5 thoughts on “Where Have All The Naked Ladies Gone?

  1. Where have all the naked ladies gone?
    Long time passing.
    Where have all the naked ladies gone?
    Long time ago.
    Where have all the naked ladies gone?
    Republicans censored them, every one.
    When will we ever learn?
    Oh, when will we ever learn?

  2. Alternate theory: naked women have gone relatively mainstream, what with pornography being so available. Naked ladies are, for most of the market, an inadequate substitute for naked women.

    It’s possible that there still is a market for naked ladies, and someone will figure this out and start offering postcards again.

  3. Perhaps you should print out some of the pics from the vintage naughty French postcards web gallery you linked to a couple weeks ago and make your own Naked Ladies Collage postcard….

  4. I was going to comment but I think I’ll blog about this tomorrow.


    That’s a good thought. Don’t think I’ll do a card but I will print one for Tee. Probably the two women we posted. Thanks.

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