Tee Corinne and the Puppets

(Sounds like a children’s book, doesn’t it?)

We wanted to point you all first to this superb article about Tee Corinne from her local newspaper, and second, to this delightfully colorful gallery of vulva puppets, which made us think of Tee instantly.

Without Tee Corinne’s groundbreaking work in the 1970s (including her famous Cunt Coloring Book), these puppets could not exist.

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2 thoughts on “Tee Corinne and the Puppets

  1. I was just up in Oregon visiting Tee.

    She adored the vulva puppets when I showed her the post

    Her time is very limited but right now she’s doing really well.

    The elan and joy with which she is dying is remarkable. As is her gratitude for having the time to do the things she needs.

  2. 1:15 PM, Pacific Daylight Time
    tee corinne died peacefully in her home at poppyseed, surrounded with love, gratitude, blessings, and songs from near and far. she was a bright shining star. the work that she did, in teaching, making art, writing, and publishing, changed thousands of lives. her work lives on, and she is translated to her next adventure.

    she hopes she’ll be allowed to keep some of the skills she learned in this one.

    she was conscious of the love and light that surrounded her until the end, and she was grateful for it. now, as always, it is our responsibility to take the gifts she gave us, and put them to use, and make them count.

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