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Laurie says:

I just placed this ad on Craigs List. I’m trying to finish the Women of Japan project by the fall. I need someone to translate Japanese here in the States (Bay Area would be great). If anyone out there has any thoughts on this – I’d really appreciate it.

I’m Laurie Toby Edison and I’m working on a fine art (black and white photography) portrait/social change project in Japan. The photos have had museum exhibitions in Japan.

The project includes texts by models that need translation. I have someone doing the final polishing, so the translation doesn’t need to be perfect. It’s about 10 to 20 pages of work. It includes some transcription from Japanese hard copy to electronic.

Feminist politics useful. I don’t have $ for this (working artist) but would like to trade for photos or handmade jewelry.

If this sounds interesting let’s have coffee and I’ll show you the work.”


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  1. Writer Chris Barzak speaks Japanese. He’s on his way back to the U.S. now after two years teaching in Japan. Feminist politics definitely. I think he plans to be at Wiscon this year.

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