Talk Story: An American Family

Laurie says:

Flo Oy Wong has a wonderful exhibition “Talk Story: An American Family” at the Chinese Historical Society of America in San Francisco through April 9. She’s also part of a family panel discussion about the exhibition and her family’s history at the Historical Society on March 30th. (I’ll be there).

In the exhibition’s words:

Visual artist Flo Oy Wong’s new installation explores the impact of her father Gee Seow Hong’s vision and leadership on his China-born and American-born children. Featuring monoprints, illustrations, artist books, and Wong’s signature embroidered rice sacks, Talk Story evokes memories of family life in Oakland Chinatown, beginning with an incident that nearly took her father’s life in Flo’s infancy, and moving into her visual expressions of her older siblings’ stories.

She’s a wonderful installation artist, whose work is both beautiful and formalist in a way I really love. Her palette includes fabric, embroidery, photographs, prints and other mediums. Her art contexts both history and social change, and texts play in important part in all of this.

We work in very different media and in very different ways, but her approach to her work reminds me very much of my own. We’ve talked about our similarities.

The exhibition web site is also excellent.

Check it out.

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