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Laurie says:

Yesterday at 12:30 am I was participating in a radio conversation about “Passages honoring our female friends who have been with us through the years of our lives”. It was on WBAI (the major public radio station in NYC) as part of their 24 hour International Women’s Day programming.

The host was Janet Coleman. I’ve know Janet since we were sophomores in Forest Hills High School over 50 years ago. We went to Young Socialist meetings together, challenged our history teachers, checked out each other’s clothes, and talked long into the night about everything. Janet remembers that I wore full plaid skirts in high school, I had forgotten. I remember her intense passionate intellect….I’m not good on remembering styles from that far back.

One of the amazing things about knowing someone so long is that I can look at her and see her now and still see the 14-year-old girl. She and I have had long complicated creative lives and it’s wonderful to see the layers of someone’s else’s life so clearly.

There were three sets of friends on the program and the importance of their histories was audibly true for all of them.

And I got to say how beautiful we become when our passionate lives are written on our faces and our bodies.

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