More Links for Your Enjoyment

It’s being a very fertile month for great links.

Rachel’s Tavern points out a superb essay, On the Fourth World: Black Power, Black Panthers, and White Allies. Laurie says, “I really liked this because it leads back to the conversations we’ve had here about wholesale and retail, and why working in coalition is so important.” Read the whole long piece; it’s worth it.

keryx, posting in LiveJournal’s Body Positive community points to a fascinating new blog, simply named A Blog for Fat Athletes.

Once again, Rachel (posting on Alas A Blog as well as on her own blog, this time pointing to a
sexual assault story
“mixing racism, sexism, and classism” that needs to be heard.

And the amazing Pattie Thomas weighs in with the top ten things that she’s tired of discussing as a fat activist. We can relate.

And, Laurie says, don’t miss the 19th-century “blog”, Diaries of a Lady of Quality, a sidebar blog from Natalie Bennett’s history blog Philobiblion. Bennett updates this historical diary thrice weekly, and the gossip and news are seriously addictive.

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