Girl Parts

Debbie says:

So far, we’ve written more about penises than we have about vaginas, an inequity we plan to do something about going forward. We’ll be interested to see if people start sending us vagina links and articles, the way they send us penis links and articles.

In the meantime, here’s a somewhat outdated article about why Eve Ensler’s new play didn’t get airtime on a Toronto radio station. Although Ensler’s current play has the innocuous title The Good Body, the radio spot mentioned her previous smash hit, The Vagina Monologues.

According to the article, The one exception was Julie Adam, program director and general manager of CHFI, turned down $20,000 in advertising revenue because:

“I know this is a fabulous event. I’ve heard nothing but great things about it and, personally, I’m a woman who has no trouble with saying that word. But our mandate on CHFI is that we’re family friendly. We don’t put anything on the radio that a parent could be uncomfortable hearing with their child in a car. You use a word like that and the next thing you know they’re asking, ‘Mommy or daddy, what’s that mean?'”

After all, what could be more terrible? Not only might some small children hear a word like that on the radio, fifty percent or so of those small children might actually have the body part in question. And we wouldn’t want them to find that out, right there in front of Mommy or Daddy, now would we?

Link saved from Epi LJ a long time ago.

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